"General Instruments" include an array of document types that are not directly related to deeds and mortgages. While some are relevant for title searches, others are included to avoid having separate indexes for only a small number of records.

The "General Instruments" Index includes the following document types: Federal Tax Liens, Federal Civil Judgments, Lis Pendens (pending lawsuits involving property), Construction Liens, Condominium Liens, Charters of Corporations, Military Discharges *

* Per Section 35-13 of the Mississippi Code, amended in 2002, the Chancery Clerk's Office shall release military discharge records only to the veteran filing his discharge or someone authorized by him in writing.

Due to the sensitive nature of many of these documents, information available through the website is limited, and these documents will not be available for online viewing. Please visit the Chancery Clerk's Office in the appropriate Judicial District for further information.