To search for your voting location, enter either your last name or address in the appropriate fields below. Search results will be displayed alphabetically by voter's last name on a following page.

To view maps directions for your voting location, simply click the "directions" link on the end of every voters informational line. A new window will open to display a map to your voting location.

You may update your voter registration information online on the Secretary of State's website at, or by visiting one of our offices.

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Notes on Searching Addresses:

  • Search results displayed will be in alphabetical order by voter's last name
  • When entering street name, DO NOT enter directionals such as "N" or "North", etc
  • A street number is not necessary for searching but, will narrow down your search results
  • When entering a street name, DO NOT enter st, street, rd, etc.
    • To search for example: "Ladner Road" simply enter "Ladner"
    • To search for a street name with a number in it, such as "52nd" simply enter "52" or "52 nd"